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Bearers of Love International is a non-profit organization based in Montreal. It was set up by Mike and Sue Nardozza in 2007. Mike is a retired school teacher, having taught at both the elementary and high school sectors for 32 years. Sue is a retired nurse from the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Both have been involved with young people for many years. Since 2002, they have led humanitarian teams to different areas of Ukraine with the purpose of bringing hope through humanitarian and financial help to the forgotten people of this country. Although Mike and Sue are Canadians of Italian descent, they have a heart for the needy in Ukraine. BOLI is the direct result of the work being done over there. Over the years, they have tried to better the lives of hundreds of children (many are orphans) by providing new clothing, basic toiletries and necessities, cereal and diapers for babies, and footwear among many other items. People have donated financially towards these items. They buy many articles in Ukraine because our dollar is worth many times their monetary value . With these donations they have also started a Feeding Program for the street kids and the homeless in the city of Dnepropetrovsk in eastern Ukraine (1.5 million people). Over 140 people are fed one meal everyday by the local leaders. Mike and Sue have also been involved in the provision of countless necessities for many orphanages, renovations for 7 men’s drug rehab centers, a women’s shelter, and a special floor for the physically handicapped children. Their latest project is providing life-changing surgeries for some of the handicapped children. If they lived in Canada their surgeries would have been performed shortly after birth. These are just four major accomplishments of many done over the years. Schools, churches, and many individuals have come on board. Each person feels better as a human being because they’ve been involved in the transformation of lives overseas. Be part of the AMAZING work.

Mission Statement

Bringing humanitarian aid and compassion to those less fortunate.

  1. To provide basic necessities for as many individuals as possible in developing countries. These necessities include feeding programs and clothing for the orphans and homeless.
  2. To provide financial aid where needed. i.e. feeding program for the year, buying and renovating old buildings for the purposes of orphanages, drug rehabilitation and local homeless shelters for indigent peoples.
  3. To supply financial aid regarding surgical and hospital needs for physically handicapped orphans.

Board of Directors

Chairman: Mike Nardozza
Vice President: Sue Nardozza
Secretary Treasurer: Robert Lee
Director: Evagelia Loukas
Director: Joseph Allan


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please note that for any inquiries as to checks and other forms of donations, write to us in the box below and we will be glad to provide any additional information. – Mike and Sue

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