Blog #2 July 13-16 2013


Wednesday, July 17th 2013

Sat. July 13 was another hot but special day. Baptism at the river saw 23 people change their lives for Christ. Mike was honored to be one of 5 who baptized. This is an annual event for us but one we look forward to the picnic never ended-food and games. The people are fun-loving, generous and very good-natured. Finally, we rested at night.
Sunday’s 3 1/2 hr. service had everything. Worship here is very different. The singing takes on a physical aspect. People sing with passion and are never still. Matt and Michael did 3 songs and many people told us how touched they were. Daria and Bryan gave 5-7 min. testimonies and I’m sure they hit some heartstrings. Mike preached on BEING A SERVANT FOR JESUS. There was Holy Communion and a time for salvation. Then we went to Pastor Yuri’s home to celebrate his and Alla’s 22 wedding ann.(Bronze for them).We were over 40 people eating again. Ukrainian food is delicious , very tasty.
Monday was back to work, so to speak. A 3 hour ride to Krivoy Rog to see Pastor Sergei was worth the trip. We ended up at an orphanage where the boys played soccer with our guys on a very hot day. Our boys were great and have left great impressions on these young teens. There were 5-6 teens who are really spectacular players. Our girls kept busy with their girls. Our young ladies are quite a team. They feel at home anywhere and have planned the activities with Sue. Every child got a t-shirt and other gifts..Pastor Sergei loved our team and guess what? More food. We got home late but we now have more new friends. The photographer we bought the camera for took lots of pictures and will send them to us soon. His photography business is doing really well.
Tuesday we were back to the 1st orphanage (Thurs and Fri.) and we bought 18 Happy meals and 15 hamburgers for the staff. Great celebration!!! Kids were so happy but the workers were amazed that we thought of them also. They said that they are never included. They told us later that we brought love and hope to their shelter. Will definitely continue to help this place. Then in the afternoon our team members were part of the feeding program. They had the opportunity to give out part of the meal to about 30 homeless people . We saw an old broken-down house where some of the people sleep. Unbelievable! Matt and Daria left us for Kiev. From there , we bought toiletries for the 8 drug rehab residents and visited 2 centers. Bearers of Love money has renovated them and the people are living in better conditions. Met a young woman once in sex traffic . Her life has completely changed. She has gone back to school, studied law and is now a leader in her church in Kiev. She is training at the rehab and will open one through her church once her training is complete . There is always more work to be done but we are pressing on to help as much as we can.
God bless!