Summer blog 2014


Hello friends of Bearers of Love, 

First of all, thank you for your concerns about our friends in Ukraine. We are touched by the many people who have asked us about the situation in Ukraine. You know by now that we aren’t going this year because our pastors in Ukraine have told us not to. They say the situation is too risky and the Canadian Travel Advisory said the same.

However, our programs continue as our workers there keep feeding the homeless, encourage drug addicts to change , bring supplies to orphans and live their daily lives in constant fear of civil war. Our work is mainly concentrated in Eastern Ukraine . Dnepropetrovsk is within striking distance of many trouble-spots.

We are now in a new phase of ministry. There are many refugees fleeing the provinces of Lugans’k and Donesk.Many, many refugees have gone to Dnepro and our pastors and friends are aiding these poor people. We have continued to send many new items that are requested. All our boxes are getting through and we are very thankful. Our financial help is also being received and 100’s of people are being fed and clothed.

We have also received some sad news that 2 pastors who were helping the refugees were shot and killed by the pro-Russian separatists. Although we didn’t personally know these 2 pastors, our hearts are broken because we strongly believe in the work they were doing. Keep praying for Ukraine and its people. We , as Canadians, are priviliged and it is our duty to help innocent people, Bearers of Love receives donations all year long. Now more than ever, let’s reach out and help our friends in Ukraine.

Thank you so much

Mike and Sue